A Completely Physical Affair

marriageMarriage is a spiritual affair. It should not be entered into with levity. That’s no news anymore. Many of us had probably started hearing this before we could spell relationship. Do I agree with this concept? Absolutely! I must however say it has become the downfall of many, the beginning of the irreparable cracks in many marriages. It has become so bad, leading to that which was highly unthought-of in the church just few years ago, but now commonly acceptable amongst even the elect; Divorce.

Marriage is hundred per cent a physical affair as it is hundred per cent a spiritual affair. In as much as the foundation of a marriage be a Spiritual one, built on God’s will and Jesus Christ, I beg to say there are physical blocks to be placed alongside the spiritual blocks on that Spiritual foundation as you go along building that godly home. This is where the religious spouses fall short. Capitalizing so much on the spiritual cliché that they lose sight of the little extra effort they would have put in to make their marriages or relationships blossom. It bothers down to selfishness; a complacent attitude that constantly seeks improvement in the other without so much as a little effort to improve oneself. No one wants to work towards that improvement that makes the other partner eager to showcase him or her to the world as an epitome of perfection. there These spouses wish to be followed about by a spouse they are proud of but never working at being the ones to be showcased.

Before the religious Pharisees and Sadducees begin to analyse me can I point out that God showcased Job, not to man but Satan. (Job 1:8 – And the Lord said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil?). He also arranged a press conference where he announced his beloved son. (Matthew 3:17 – And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased).

To Be Discussed Below: My Partner is of the opinion that I should get a white-collar job. He feels I wont fit into his circle of friends and business partners. I feel I’m ok as a small business owner. What should I do?

So who says it is not godly to be proud of your spouse. I did not say make an idol of, but being confident of him or her whether present or not and being able to use him or her as the perfect example of a husband or wife at any given time. You won’t know the exhilarating feeling I get when I tell anyone who cares to listen that nothing happens in my home, no matter how trivial without my husband’s knowledge about it before the incidence occurs. He is the perfect example of the Prophet of the home. It is not just a matter of showcasing when I say it, it is also a way of encouraging husbands and fathers to be and probably husbands and fathers who have not starting taking their place as the Prophets of their home. Well, you might find that too much of a Spiritual example. What about this? My husband helps to put the clothes out on the line and even take them off when they get dry. Did I hear some guys just gasp? Oh please do because there is more to come. Did you think I would have had the time to pray, meditate and compile this write up as a White-collar job holder, a wife and mother of a toddler if I had a husband who sat and crossed his legs expecting that all the domestic chores in the house was the responsibility of his hardworking wife? I very much doubt it. This heart and gesture of love from him only challenges me to also get better and make my arms the place he longs to run to every passing day.

I dare say that my husband’s efforts at laying both spiritual and physical blocks have helped me become not just a better wife but even a better and more spiritual person. I am not the same person I was before I got married and even not the same wife now that I was in the first year of marriage. He is proud of me as I am of him.

Here is the summary of all I am saying. Don’t wait on your spouse, expecting him or her become the ideal wife or husband. You would probably wait a lifetime. You would get a spouse you are proud of only when you begin to set your heart to laying both spiritual and physical blocks on your already laid foundation and this comes by working hard at becoming a better person. So if you have not started working on yourself yet, look deep into yourself, I am sure you will find areas of improvement that will in turn reap positive gestures from your spouse, and if you have, let me say well done! There is however more room for improvement.

Let’s lay it to rest here for now. Our next discussion will bother on those points of call and areas that we can work on both as the male and female in becoming a better spouse, a spouse to be proud of.


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