The Multi-Tasking Woman

My heart today goes out to all the precious women all over the world who are doing their very best to be mothers, wives and also outstanding employees in their places of work. It takes grace to juggle all these roles and to succeed at them all. When I was younger and unmarried and listened to ministers who spoke about marriage, I thought they exaggerated when they said marriage was for strong hearted women and not for lazy women or the faint hearted. Many times now as a married woman, their voices I hear ringing in my heart what these women of virtue said years ago and I just want to use this piece to share a little of what is in my heart also for this generation of married women and generations to come if Jesus tarries. Our precious men, fiancés and husbands, please bear with us as you read this on behalf of your women. It will also bless you and show you the way to help your wife work her way through the numerous roles she is called to play.

For a while marriage almost became a roller coaster. Even if my eyes were as heavy as lead, they knew and my brain also knew they had to be opened by 4am. My baby’s lunch and bath must be done in at least 30mins to 40mins. I must be ready and out of the house on my way to work by 5.30am for a tiring 1 to 2hours journey to work. At least my computer must be powered on by 8am and as soon as it is, I completely forget every other thing until I have closed for the day. I fly out at 5pm sometimes earlier just to beat the 3hour traffic back home which I eventually fail to beat regardless of running out of the office early. I get home to meet a baby who has missed mummy and all she wants is to be cuddled till she falls asleep. I get back to fix dinner, prepare for the next day and finally probably fall asleep at around some minutes to 11pm to a much interrupted sleep. To be candid, at some point I missed my single life but could not even share this with anyone. I wondered how the Proverbs 31 virtuous woman handled all she did. It was probably a lie or there was some trick to it. Well the Bible is a book of truths and there was no hidden trick and this is what I am about to share.

In no particular order, and probably in subsequent series I will highlight the things that made this woman a winner and what I have practiced. I have seen huge results as a result of this.

Firstly this woman feared the Lord (Proverbs 31:30 – Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.) The fear of the Lord encompasses a lot of things and one of it is the acknowledgement of God’s presence. A woman can only be a successfully married one when she recognizes the presence of God in the midst of all her duties and all the facets of her life. Your secular job is no more secular than it is spiritual. Your relationship with your husband, children and relatives are not more relational than it is spiritual. God placed you in that home, in that office and so your roles are very spiritual and you must always consciously see these through the eyes of God and therefore place him in the centre of it all. When you are aware that God strategically placed you in these roles, then you cannot but always seek his help.

Recently I had to fly back home from my station on a Friday. I got home at some minutes past 10pm and we had a prayer night vigil to start at 12midnight. I had some client sessions scheduled for the following week and had so much to tidy up before the sessions so I had come home with lots of work to do. At the vigil, the devil was almost stealing my peace, joy and my will to pray by weighing my heart down with what lay ahead of me over the weekend. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the giver of the job and how he could help me. I said a short prayer of help and suddenly I felt free. I had earlier developed a headache which is usual anytime I fly but at that point it was all gone as I burst into tongues and released myself to what God had for me at the prayer vigil. The weekend went by although tiring to the body with all I had to do but there was a certain grace I can’t explain and by Sunday evening I had accomplished all I needed to do. It was amazing to see that what seemed like such a heavy load could be so light. A normal natural I would have found a reason and excuse not to pray well at the prayer vigil or skip the vigil thereby missing out on what God had for me at the vigil. I could have complained all through the weekend of all I had to do and then become so cranky that a lovely weekend with my family would have turned sour. I could have thrown a pity party but turning to God made it so much simpler.

Now this can become a woman’s daily, weekly and yearly life; a life of pity, complaining, crankiness, moodiness and what have you. The truth; there would never come a time when the demands in the life of a married woman will become lighter. Even when the children are gone, the grandchildren will be there. If you don’t believe this, ask my mother. Without God’s help received by turning to him to help and lead the way then life will be nothing more than a dead motion. This many times have even led to death of intimacy in marriage when the woman loses control of the rat race.

Choose rather a life of grace and strength. God gave you that home to nurture, to help that man of purpose and to raise godly seeds. He gave you that job to be a light; that is your own pulpit. He has surrounded you with relatives and friends to be a blessing to. He has brought spiritual children your way in order to be the vessel through which he can reach them. You can never accomplish this through your own physical power. You can never accomplish this if you don’t get your father, God and His Spirit involved in your daily itinerary. Don’t be deceived to think you can do it by your natural abilities, even you natural talents can fail without God. (Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and he shall direct thy  paths)


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